Security Guard Service and Site Protection Services

Arizona’s Security Guard Service AG3 Security; we have raised the bar for Arizona armed guards and site protection services. Through service and training in various high-profile institutions (including but not limited to) Law Enforcement Agencies, Correctional Officers, Blackwater International, FBI Quantico Academy, United States Marine Corps., U.S. Army, and various National Guard Units) we have earned personal and professional reputations for providing elite-level service. A commitment to excellence through AG3’s security guard hiring and training processes.

We focus on customer service, and honest, transparent business practices.


All AG3 security guards have undergone a rigorous hiring process and are required to participate in aggressive, on-going training protocols. Whether you need personal security, nightly security patrols at your home or business, AG3 security guards are well-equipped to handle your needs. Our clients expect the best when it comes to the security of their personal and business interests and with our experience and ongoing commitment to recruiting and training only the best security guards in Arizona, that’s exactly what they get.

Armed and Unarmed Guards

AG3 offers, available 24/7 armed and unarmed security guard services. These guards must possess a minimum of two years security experience and successfully complete a firearms re-qualification program annually. They are also required to demonstrate knowledge of their legal authority and the limitations of an armed security officer.

We will create a detailed risk assessment of your business to determine your company’s appropriate level of protection.

Vehicle and Foot Patrols

All AG3 security guards must pass a detailed pre-employment background check. We also do random drug and alcohol testing as well as utilize Meyers Briggs personality analysis to screen our guards. Guards must be of sound character, exhibit good judgement, and maintain a neat and professional appearance.

Arizona’s security guard service AG3,  is trained in de-escalating situations, including how to take a nonviolent approach when handling conflicts.


  • Experience With High Risk / High Profile Clientele

  • Armed & Unarmed Security Agents Available

  • Law Enforcement Experience

  • Highly Skilled & Trained Employees

  • Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded


  • Detailed Risk Assessment of Your Business

  • Thorough Employee Background Checks

  • Low Employee Turnover Rate

  • Training Certifications Available Upon Request

Commercial Security Guards

AG3 provides commercial security guard services to Arizona for every aspect of their retail business. From loss prevention at their store locations to distribution centers. Our respectful and attentive security guards can be placed within your storefront or corporate offices.

AG3 commercial security guards are trained to help reduce loss and to provide your customers added confidence and support. We have extensive experience in handling liquidations, grand openings, store closings and protection.

Construction Security Guards

AG3 provides construction site security guard services to Arizona construction companies. AG3 is a private security company with decades of experience. Due to the normally large area to patrol on a Construction site, we have developed a unique approach to this obstacle. We work with our customers to create a high visibility, multi-layered security presence at their construction sites.

AG3 construction site security guards are there to help protect your site from unwanted visitors, vandalism, and theft.

Hospital/ER Security Guards

Drawing on decades of experience, AG3 security guards provide Arizona hospital security services, including professional emergency room security guards and parking lot protection for large and small-scale hospitals. We provide controlled entry, security searches, crowd management, property and theft prevention. AG3 security guards analyze each hospital and provide specialized services ensuring your facility is safe.

Whatever size your event AG3 Security is there to help make your health facility is safe and crime free.

Industrial Security Guards

AG3 security guards provide industrial security guards for a variety of industrial environments, including manufacturing plants and facilities, warehouses, mines, distribution centers and construction sites. We are also experienced in armed escort for the transportation of goods and equipment.

AG3 collaborates with our customers to develop a security plan that ensures your assets are protected.

Cannabis & Dispensary Security Guards

AG3 Security armed/unarmed cannabis, hemp and dispensary security guards are experienced in your space. We are familiar with cannabis laws and regulations and have had  Dispensary Agent Cards  (DA cards) for several years with different clients. We are familiar with the process. The medical marijuana industry faces several unique challenges. By implementing a loss prevention strategy that includes our security guards, you will be able to substantially reduce losses.

AG3 will do a detailed assessment of how much security your cannabis company needs, and or how your dispensary or grow facility can increase security as you increase business.

Residential Security Guards

AG3 residential security guards are here to help you keep your building and community safe and secure. The guard at the entrance of a gated community functions as the development’s nerve center. The security guards manage a steady stream of visitors, deliveries, and resident requests.

AG3 Security has decades of experience dispatching security guards. We provide residential security services to apartments, condos, HOA, co-ops and residential communities.