The Perception of Security Guard Service Providers in Arizona 

Are you ready to become the best version of a security guard service provider? Did you know that when people look at you, the security guard providing service; they are seeing through you and at all that you represent. Think about what people perceive when they see you in uniform. Are you representing the security guard industry to the best of your ability? The security profession has always taken a bad rap. Where do you fit in? When you look in the mirror do you like the person looking back at you?

Many times, security guard service providers are viewed as old, out of shape individuals with no aspiration of doing anything else. Security Guard Service Providers in Arizona have been thought of as a low prestige, low paying wage job.

There are many providing security guard services in Arizona that continue to add to that stigma. Usually these jobs are minimum wage with little or no decent training program. Once you have completed your 8 hour Arizona Department of Public Safety Unarmed Guard Course and pass the background investigation, there are really no other requirements to maintain your certification for the next 2 years. Some security guard service providers in Arizona will require some tactical training course depending on their internal policies. Some just place you on a site and don’t even explain what your actual duties are.

At AG3 Security we strive to change the perception of security guard service providers in Arizona by providing ongoing training and opportunities for growth within our company. We want to be known as the security guard service provider in Arizona that stands above the rest.  We are a company with great ambition, and a strong believe that the foundation we lay now will serve us well in the future. We invest in our employees and strive to have the best security guards in the industry.  We pay better than average wages and provide our employees with a path to earn much more with real training opportunities both in the classroom and in the real word. We believe that a well-rounded individual will become a better capable security guard service provider.

We will continue to change the perception that all security guards in Arizona are created equal. Contact Us Today for all your security guard needs.