Arizona Armed and Unarmed Guards and Site Protection Services

At AG3 Security, we have raised the bar for Arizona armed guards and site protection services. Through service and training in various high-profile institutions (including but not limited to) Law Enforcement Agencies, Correctional Officers, Blackwater International, FBI Quantico Academy, United States Marine Corps., U.S. Army, and various National Guard Units) we have earned personal and professional reputations for providing elite-level service. A commitment to excellence through AG3’s security guard hiring and training processes.

We focus on customer service, and honest, transparent business practices.


AG3 Security believes armed and unarmed guards are the best form of crime prevention in many situations. When you’re in need of armed security, our professionals are available for a few hours or on an ongoing basis. AG3’s armed and unarmed guards have the extensive experience necessary to meet your security needs. We believe an effectual training program is the best way to separate us from our competitors. The better trained our personnel are; the more capable our organization is; this enables us to best serve our clients.

Armed and Unarmed Guard Security | Arizona’s Best!

AG3 Security offers 24/7-armed and unarmed security guard services. These guards must possess a minimum of two years security experience and successfully complete a firearms re-qualification program annually. They are also required to demonstrate knowledge of their legal authority and the limitations of an armed and unarmed security officer.

AG3 armed and unarmed guards must pass a detailed pre-employment background check. We also do random drug and alcohol testing as well as utilize Meyers Briggs personality analysis to screen our guards. Guards must be of sound character, exhibit good judgement, and maintain a neat and professional appearance.

AG3’s armed and unarmed guards dress in law enforcement style uniforms. Our security guards present a clean, crisp image and conduct themselves with pride and a positive and professional image to the public, making them highly visible. AG3 Security prides itself on the training and appearance of all our security guards. A suspect person will less likely commit a crime in the presence of a security guard that portrays confidence and professionalism rather than an entry level guard wearing a screen-printed shirt who does not appear to be a professional.

AG3 armed and unarmed guards are at the top of their class and can provide the highest level of security possible. The uniformed, armed security guard provides a visual deterrent to crime simply by their presence. All our security guards are trained in de-escalating situations, including how to take a nonviolent approach when handling conflicts.

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    AG3 offers the following guard services to our clients:

    armed security guards
    • Special Event (i.e.: Tent Sales, Marketing Events) Coverage
    • Parking Area Patrol
    • 24/7 Dispatch and Supervision
    • Crowd Control

    • Access Control

    • Escorting

    • Site Surveys/Risk Assessments


    • Experience With High Risk / High Profile Clientele

    • Armed & Unarmed Security Agents Available

    • Law Enforcement Experience

    • Highly Skilled & Trained Employees

    • Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded


    • Detailed Risk Assessment of Your Business

    • Thorough Employee Background Checks

    • Low Employee Turnover Rate

    • Training Certifications Available Upon Request

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