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AG3 Cannabis Security Guards serving Arizona.

AG3 Security is quickly becoming a leader in the cannabis security industry. When professionalism counts call AG3 Security. Armed/unarmed cannabis, hemp and dispensary security guards are experienced in your space. The medical marijuana industry faces several unique challenges. By implementing a loss prevention strategy that includes our security guards, you will be able to substantially reduce losses.

AG3’s cannabis, hemp and dispensary security guards dress in law enforcement style uniforms. Our security guards present a clean, crisp image and conduct themselves with pride and a professional image to the public. The medical marijuana industry runs a significantly higher risk of being targeted for theft, robbery, and burglary, much greater than many other businesses. These facilities often carry stock that have a considerably high street value. AG3 provides highly visible uniformed security guards at all entrances and exits. Armed or unarmed security guards may be utilized, depending on your specific needs. We will provide a presence that has proven successful as a deterrent.

AG3 Security prides itself on the training and appearance of all our security guards. Since dispensaries and farms are often cash-only businesses, it is easy to see how these locations become attractive targets for criminals. A suspect person will less likely commit a crime in the presence of a security guard who portrays confidence and professionalism rather than an entry level guard wearing a screen-printed shirt who does not appear to be a professional.

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     AG3 Security is quickly becoming a leader in cannabis security industry. When professionalism counts call AG3.

    • Special Event (i.e.: Tent Sales, Marketing Events) Coverage
    • Parking Area Patrol
    • 24/7 Dispatch and Supervision
    • Crowd Control

    • Access Control

    • Escorting

    • Site Surveys/Risk Assessments

    AG3 Security’s armed/unarmed cannabis, hemp and dispensary security guards must pass a detailed pre-employment background check. We also do random drug and alcohol testing as well as utilize Meyers Briggs personality analysis to screen our guards. Guards must be of sound character, exhibit good judgement, and maintain a neat and professional appearance.

    AG3 provides security guards to our clients in Arizona for every aspect of their Cannabis, Hemp and Dispensary business. From loss prevention at their dispensary locations and fulfillment centers to their grow farms and warehouses. Our security guards are especially trained to in loss prevention and in addition will also provide your customers added wellbeing and peace of mind. The responsibility of protecting a client’s assets is something that has excelled at since inception. Our clients trust us with millions of dollars of inventory.

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