Employment Opportunities2019-03-05T07:45:48-07:00

Employment Process

Do Not Call Before Sending Resume!

  • Fill Out Our Form.

  • Don’t Forget to List Your Certificates.

  • Add Additional Qualifications in Text Box.

  • Upload Your Resume.

  • Submit.

  • Do Not Call Us!

  • We will call you soon after to tell you we received your resume and do a short interview.
  • From there we will tell you where you are on our waitlist.


Do I need a license to become a security guard?  2019-03-05T07:49:43-07:00

Yes, check the DPS website for requirements (azdps.gov/services/public/licensing In Arizona, the Department of Public Service (DPS) governs all armed and unarmed security guards and agencies.

Do you offer the training that is required by DPS?2019-03-05T07:49:23-07:00

Yes, a fee is charged for these classes. Recurring training for AG3 employees is provided free to employees. If you take training from AG3 there is no guarantee nor implied agreement that you will go to work for AG3. AG3 offers training for Armed and Unarmed licenses and several tactical certifications such as Handcuffing, Baton, Pepper spray, and Taser.

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