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AG3 Event Security Guards work events across Arizona.

Drawing on decades of experience, AG3 Security provides event security guard services, including professional event, consultation, and celebrity protection for large-scale events such as trade shows, concerts, outdoor festivals, and sporting events; and for smaller-scale events like weddings and conferences. We focus on controlled entry, security searches, crowd management, ushers and theft prevention. AG3 Security analyzes each event security engagement and creates a custom security plan to ensure your event remains orderly, safe, and crime free.

Events present security challenges based on the unique requirements of each event’s program and location. AG3 Security begins each commitment with a client meeting to carefully review the event security needs at each stage: event–set up, peak attendance, and break down. We then develop a custom event security plan and select event security guards with the right experience and training for each position.

AG3 provides highly visible uniformed event security guards at all accesses per the client needs. We provide a presence that has proven a successful deterrent. We can also provide undercover officers to provide a double defense.

Our highly visible patrols have proven invaluable as a loss deterrent and unsavory behavior prevention. Regardless of your event, AG3 can provide a security site-specific strategy to ensure your event is safe and crime free.

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    AG3 offers the following guard services to our event security clients:

    • Special Event (i.e.: Tent Sales, Marketing Events) Coverage
    • Parking Area Patrol
    • 24/7 Dispatch and Supervision
    • Crowd Control

    • Access Control

    • Escorting

    • Site Surveys/Risk Assessments

    Each environment requires a different strategy and a tailored solution. Let AG3 Security do a thorough assessment of your event security needs and provide a site-specific strategy that will work within your budget. We provide our clients with comprehensive guidelines for security. We focus on threat assessments and meticulous planning to identify problems and issues before they arise.

    Your event is assessed for emergency readiness including critical event security threats, both natural and man-made. AG3’s readiness for critical security issues is built into all levels of our strategies, we have you covered.

    AG3 offers expert event security guard services at trade shows, concerts, outdoor festivals, sporting events, weddings and more. We are experts in handling the unique challenges of your special event.

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