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AG3 Industrial Site Security Guards work across Arizona.

AG3 Security provides highly visible uniformed industrial site security guards at all accesses points per the client. We provide a presence that has proven successful as a deterrent. Industrial sites pose significant challenges due to the large quantities of exposed goods and the vast amounts of space that must be secured. For this reason, AG3 Security creates a highly visible and multi-layered security presence on every site.

Industrial sites are a favorite target for thieves and vandals. We not only supply industrial site security guards to patrol the grounds, but also counsel clients on how best to use common-sense deterrents like perimeter fencing, facility lighting, and secure storage practices. AG3 will check visitor credentials and match the flow of goods in and out of the sites internal paperwork. Ignoring access points not only allows material theft, but the resulting project delays can increase your costs for everything from insurance to employee salaries.

Physical security is your best deterrent and AG3 Security can provide it.  By creating a customized security plan that addresses your specific security concerns, you’ll get the services you need – when you need them, where you need them, and for however long you need them.

Parking lot patrols can also be an important component to industrial site security. Our highly visible patrol vehicles have proven invaluable as a loss deterrent and unsavory behavior. Often it only takes the appearance of a security guard to deter a would-be criminal opportunity. Regardless of what type of industrial site you have, AG3 can provide a security site-specific strategy that will help keep your site criminal and vandal free.

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    AG3 offers the following services to our industrial site security clients:

    • Armed and unarmed security officers

    • Access Control

    • 24/7 Dispatch and Supervision
    • Secure Storage Practices

    • Checking Visitor Credentials

    • Escorting

    • Site Surveys/Risk Assessments

    Each environment requires a different strategy and a tailored solution, let AG3 do a thorough assessment of your security needs and provide a site-specific industrial site security strategy that will work within your budget. We provide our clients with comprehensive guidelines for security. We focus on threat assessments and meticulous planning to identify problems and issues before they arise.

    Your property is assessed for emergency readiness including critical industrial site security threats and events, both natural and man-made. Access control protocols that foster a more orderly, secure site, and a safer work environment for contractors, subcontractors, and the visitors.

    AG3 offers common sense deterrents like perimeter fencing, elimination of unnecessary access points, overnight hours, and secure storage practices. We are experts in handling the unique challenges of your industry.

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