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Personal Bodyguards|Executive Protection

AG3 Personal Bodyguard Service in Arizona.

Drawing on decades of experience, AG3 Security provides event personal bodyguard services and executive protection services to high-level executive protection to corporate executives, dignitaries, athletes, VIPs, celebrities, and wealthy individuals.

AG3 Security provides personal bodyguard services with 48 hours advance notice in order for our in house investigator to complete a background check on you or your business. We conduct this investigation in order to vet for potential criminal enterprises requesting our protections. AG3 is required to notify DPS if the protection team is to be in plain clothes. We only provide bodyguard services to public personalities, business persons and celebrities.

Personal security presents challenges based on the unique requirements of each situation. AG3 Security begins each commitment with client meetings to carefully review your security needs. We then develop a custom security plan and select personal bodyguards with the right experience and training for your needs.

AG3 provides highly visible uniformed or  plain clothes personal bodyguards per the client needs. We provide a presence that has proven a successful deterrent.

Our highly visible patrols have proven invaluable as a loss deterrent and unsavory behavior. AG3 can provide a security strategy to ensure you are safe and protected.

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AG3 offers the following guard services to our event security clients:

  • Armed or Unarmed Guards

  • Special Events

  • Executive Protection

  • Discreet Plain Cloths Guards

  • Crowd Control

  • Escorting

  • Site Surveys/Risk Assessments

AG3 Security’s executive protection guards are carefully chosen from law enforcement, military and are specialists in private security. Our multi-disciplined training approach involves proactive threat assessment to neutralize problems before they occur. AG3 clarifies each aspect of our clients’ needs and coordinates with local law enforcement, agents, managers, promoters and venue officials eliminating to mitigate any known issues. We provide our clients with comprehensive guidelines for security. We focus on threat assessments and meticulous planning to identify problems and issues before they arise. Our approach is particularly important in these days of extreme weather and terrorist threats.

AG3 offers executive protection and personal bodyguard services to corporate executives, dignitaries, athletes, VIPs, celebrities, and wealthy individuals.

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